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We are collecting data about snake sightings on Martha’s Vineyard, and are particularly interested in black racer sightings. Please use the “Snake Survey Form” located beneath the mapping section to supply details about your observations, and use a different form for each different locations and/or snake. IMPORTANT: Please remember to answer the spam-prevention question and then click the “Send” button at the bottom of the page when you have finished! Dropping a marker on the map is not the same as completing the form.

For help in snake identification, see these very useful sites:
UMass’ Snakes of Massachusetts Site
Tom Tyning’s Western Mass Naturalist Site

Using the mapping section to map your snake sighting or get GPS coordinates (this is optional):

1) Click as close as possible to the location where you saw a snake; this displays a moveable marker on the map.

2) Drag the marker to the desired location – you can resize or move the map as necessary (GPS coordinates of the marker location will appear in the address/location field below the map).*

3) Type the snake name into the marker title text field.

4) Optional: type a brief descriptive note into the marker description field, and/or upload an image.

5) Important: check the “are you human” checkbox and THEN click the “Add Marker” button, in that order. This will add your marker to the database.
* if you cannot drop a marker, try typing a street address of snake location into the marker address/location text box below the map

Add your own marker

Marker Title
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Marker Description
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The Snake Survey Form:

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