Birding 101 in Edgartown at Eel Pond & Sheriff’s Meadow Sanctuary- Open to the public

Interested in birdwatching, but not sure where to begin? The Martha’s Vineyard Bird Club invites you to attend “Birding 101”. Join us at Sheriff’s Meadow Sanctuary in Edgartown for a morning of building your beginning birding skills. We’ll have binoculars to loan if you do not own a pair, or if you want to bring a friend. This public program is free and open to anyone who wants to get started birdwatching, or those who are building their skills. Experienced birders are welcome too.

Directions to Bralyley’s Way/Landing: from Main Street in Edgartown, turn left onto Pease’s Point N. and then curve right onto Pease’s Point Way. Follow Pease’s Point Way until it bends to the left, which becomes Brayley’s Way, then turn right and you will see the boat launch. Park on the left and right.  Carpooling, biking and walking to the meeting place are all encouraged.

The Martha’s Vineyard Bird Club was founded in 2021. We believe birding is for everyone, and we welcome anyone, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, or birding experience.





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