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Coastal Bird Conservation

Know Your Coastal Birds

There are a number of magnificent birds that visit Martha’s Vineyard throughout the year. Many avian species stop here during their annual migration. This is a prime location for them to rest as they make their way north for breeding season, or as they make their way south to return to their wintering grounds. Some of these birds also prefer to stay on the Island during their breeding season to rear their chicks here. The birds on this sign may look different throughout the year. This resource aims to share the various plumages of these migratory birds!

Help Protect Coastal Birds

Piping plover and American oystercatcher chicks are hatching on beaches around Martha’s Vineyard. The beach is their home, which means they are perfectly adapted for life there while we humans need sunscreen, water, and food to survive on the beach. We want them to survive and thrive!

About our Beach-Nesting Efforts

BiodiversityWorks works with private landowners, beach associations, and land trusts to monitor and protect birds. We collaborate with other conservation organizations on Martha’s Vineyard to ensure that all beaches and small islands with suitable nesting habitat are monitored and protected along the island’s 124 miles of shoreline.

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