Wildlife Research, Monitoring & Mentoring

Mentoring Program

Part of our mission at BiodiversityWorks is to mentor young people interested in the fields of wildlife and conservation biology or field-based science. Young adults (high school & college) need opportunities to engage in field research and monitoring in order to develop their career interests and skills. While they are learning and growing, our interns, high school mentees, and seasonal staff play a vital role in our hands-on approach to wildlife projects.


During the summer season (May-Aug), interns and seasonal staff have a chance to engage in all our wildlife projects. We spend many hours on monitoring and protecting our island’s beach-nesting birds; piping plovers, terns, and American oystercatchers. Interns assist staff with finding and monitoring nests and chicks as well as protecting them with signage and fencing. Public outreach and education about these charismatic birds are also key to our efforts.

Our other wildlife projects vary from year to year. Interns may find themselves sitting in the woods at night helping us net for the rare Northern long-eared bat or using radio telemetry to follow tagged bats, snakes, or turtles. Our motto here is “all wildlife all the time”,  so you can be sure that in any given year we will be engaged in studying and conserving multiple species.


Interns work one to two days each week with us, typically from June- Aug.  As part of our mentoring program, we provide opportunities for interns to meet visiting scientists and learn about their work.  We also spend time with them learning about the island’s plants, insects, birds, reptiles, and mammals. We do our best to give each intern an opportunity to focus on a particular species or program to learn more deeply.  In late July, staff and interns create posters about our wildlife projects and summer work to present at our annual summer gathering in August.

We hire 2-3 interns (high school or college), and 1-2 wildlife monitors or technicians (college/post-college) each summer. We also welcome high school students interested in work-study or high school/college students interested in independent study.


Ready To Apply?

2024 opportunities will be posted in Feb/March of 2024.