Center for Wildlife Studies

On January 31, 2020, BiodiversityWorks purchased the building and 1.6 acres at 18 Helen Avenue in Vineyard Haven from The Nature Conservancy for $350,000. Thanks to the support of our amazing donors and foundations, we were able to acquire this property without a mortgage. The property and structure have an assessed value of $489,000 and a much higher fair market value.  We are grateful to The Nature Conservancy’s Massachusetts Chapter for this bargain sale, and to the many donors and foundations who gave or pledged a total of $407,000 to make this possible.

Next Steps?

  • We painted the interior and put in recycled flooring products where old carpeting was removed.  The offices and communal spaces have a bright, clean look!
  • We had several trees removed that posed a threat to the building or the power lines along the road.
  • We are awaiting an energy audit by Cape Compact Light to help us decide the best option between renovations, improvements, or re-building on site. We have $50,000 pledged over the next two years that will help us with repairs or improvements.
  • We are bringing all of our field equipment that was stored off site to our property, which will make our operations more efficient.

Wildlife conservation requires long-term dedication and so does becoming a mentor to a teen or college student. We are committed to our mission, and this permanent center for our work is an important step towards our future.

In our center, we envision…

• Dynamic office and meeting areas to conduct wildlife research and monitoring, and train the next generation of conservation professionals.
• A laboratory to enhance our ability to track and analyze wildlife behavior, diet and conditions.
• An environmentally responsible and sustainable facility.
• Efficient space to meet and video conference with partners including landowners, interns, volunteers and scientific peers.
• Storage for field equipment used to study and protect wildlife across the Island.
• Office rental units to offset costs and promote collaboration with other Island non-profits.

If you would like to support improvements or renovations at our Center for Wildlife Studies, please visit our Ways to Donate page to learn about your options for contributing to our capital campaign today.

Thank you, for your support!




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