Alysa EmdenBoard Member

    Volunteering with BiodiversityWorks over the past few years has allowed me an inside look at the lives of some of the Vineyard’s most interesting residents. The learning curve has been steep as I learned to protect piping plovers from predators, erect bat nets, build and monitor snake trap arrays – all in the company of expert wildlife biologists.  Having long been interested in wildlife conservation and preservation efforts, I joined the Board in the hope that I can help support BiodiversityWorks’ growth and development as a leader in protecting and understanding the Vineyard’s unique environment.

    I am a mostly retired lawyer who specialized in tax law, and specifically the taxation of nonprofit organizations. After several years in private practice, I worked on federal tax policy for the nonpartisan Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation before opting to spend more time with my two daughters. I’m a graduate of Yale College and Georgetown University Law Center.

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