Matt PelikanProgram Director - Martha's Vineyard Atlas of Life


My earliest memories are of moments of delight inspired by wildlife. In the decades since those moments, I’ve spent as much time as possible appreciating the natural world. So I’m excited to be part of BiodiversityWorks, with its clear focus on wildlife conservation, education, and research.

There is no better place to be a naturalist than Martha’s Vineyard! With its unique geology and human history, the Vineyard supports a wealth of interesting species and unusual habitats. If you live or visit here, you will enrich your life by spending time in nature. By supporting BiodiversityWorks and contributing to our wildlife studies, you can help document and protect the biodiversity that makes the Vineyard so special.

A year-rounder on the Vineyard since 1997, my academic background is in literature, but I’ve studied and written about wildlife from birds to beetles. I hope you’ll join me in exploring the natural diversity of this incomparable place!


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